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The majority of artworks on this site are for sale.

Pictures already sold are indicated in the Gallery section.

Current PRICES* for artworks listed below.

E-mail info@berichenderson.com about purchasing art, requesting larger detail images for viewing specific artworks, or commissions or interviews. I am will accomodate all requests the best I can.

Limited edition high quality PRINTS coming soon.

*Note, each painting sold is accompanied by a signed certificate of sale, a provenance sheet with personal notes describing the inspiration and ideas behind the artwork, and a selection of artist catalogues and postcards from previous exhibitions.





'2005 Exhibition Catalogue: Pulp Surrealism and other Visions: The Art of Beric Henderson'

(Vertigo Vision, ISBN 0-9758147-0-2, 14.5 x 21cm).

A now RARE 2005 catalogue that includes 40 vividly reproduced paintings and drawings. This edition was limited to 500 signed and numbered copies. A 1000-word essay by cultural historian Robin Walz introduces the portfolio of images. If you have a taste for film noir, 1950's-style science fiction or pop surrealism, then add this to your collection!

Introduction by Robin Walz, author of the critically acclaimed book 'Pulp Surrealism: Insolent popular culture in early 20th century Paris' (Univ. California Press, 2000). An excerpt from the Preface suggests that..."The challenge is to see in pulp culture what surrealist editor Pierre Mabille called the Mirror of the Marvelous, and this is precisely what Beric Henderson’s exhibition and book, Pulp Surrealism, accomplishes....References to both contemporary and "classic" pulp culture abound in Henderson’s artwork: Humphrey Bogart, Alfred Hitchock’s Vertigo, Star Trek, the fantasy art of H. R. Giger. There are echoes of surrealist and modernist painters: Giorgio de Chirico’s long shadows, René Magritte’s lampposts, Yves Tanguy’s disorienting landscapes, André Masson’s sketches, Alberto Giacometti’s alienated figures...Pulp Surrealism juxtaposes multiple realities to great poetic effect"

Cost of Book: AUD/US $25.00  (+ $7.50 packaging and delivery by international airmail)

All purchases can be made by credit card using PayPal. Just follow the Paypal "Buy now" link to make a secure payment. Sorry, at this stage no international checks or money orders accepted due to the high bank processing fees.

Note that Australian customers can purchase the book by money order or bank transfer. Please email for details.


All artworks copyright © Beric Henderson. The images may not be copied or used for commercial purposes without permission.

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